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shareafter facebook applicationWhat is ShareAfter?

ShareAfter is a Facebook Application that allows every Facebook © user to schedule (i.e.: postpone) status sharing.
In a nutshell, you’re enabled to decide at what time and hour your status will be updated and, of course, its content!

Update: check our video tutorial here!

Why is so useful? Or why should it be to me?

Facebook © status updates and sharing are real-time event, that get your contents online as soon as you publish them, therefore available to all your friends in their public wall.

Unfortunately, the public wall is a never-ending always-downscrolling beast, so your content, your thought, your status, may get lost easlly and pretty quickly.

ShareAfter goes a bit further by taking you in control of status publication – just in time!

All status-aholics, Facebook © fanatics or just business users eager to get their status updated right in the moment they want will find ShareAfter the ideal solution!

Some features

  • Very easy to use!
  • Schedule hours later or years from now!
  • Share any content, link, video or picture!
  • Take control of your status and your time!
  • Completely integrated with Facebook
  • Basic features are completely free to use!
  • Twitter © status update and integration soon available!

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